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Lay Leadership


Our Basic Discipleship Series Trains You In Four Essential Areas Of Christian Living.

It Shows You:

  1. How To Be Successful And Maintain A Consistent Christian Life!
  2. How To Glorify God In Your Daily Walk And Life!
  3. How To Develop A Christian World-view Or Perspective On Life!
  4. How To Share Your Faith Effectively With Others!
If you are part of today's fast paced, on-the-go generation this series is for you. Everything is contained in four inexpensive easy to do 32 page booklets. You can study it with or without homework, electing to look up and discuss the inductive Bible questions in your small group. You also can elect to study it on you own. Our Basic Discipleship Training Is Simply Revolutionary! It also is an integrated   part of our recommended LLI Nurture - Discipleship Program for New Believers.


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The first of four exciting sequel small books in the “Discovery Basic Discipleship Series” that evangelize the unchurched and then quickly launches those who respond into discipleship. This book is a small but powerful evangelism tool that can be studied on a personal, one-on-one, or small group level.  It's based upon Solomon's search for meaning in the book of Ecclesiastes. It is highly relevant in that it covers many of the problems that people still struggle with today. Participants discuss why individuals pursue happiness in certain things yet never really find it. The Gospel is presented in a clear  sensitive manner. It also is a great tool for providing believers new and old with the importance of serving God and growing in their knowledge of Christ and His kingdom.

30 pages, 20 lessons, $5.75 each
Quantity Discounts: 21-50 = $5.45 each, 51-100 = $5.15 each, 101 & up = $4.85 each


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This is a very special course that teaches the essentials of what determines success in one's Christian life. It can be used as a personal study but is especially effective when combined with a one on one or small group meeting. It clarifies the scriptural meaning of salvation and the truth of assurance. It tells how to deal with temptation, sin, failure, and life's problems; plus how to hear God's voice and know His will.  Finally, it discusses how to love, share right thoughts, speak as one who glorifies God, and be an effective witness. It is the tool we also recommend for "New Believer Nurture" and "Discipleship".

32 pages, 25 lessons, $5.75 each
Quantity Discounts: 21-50 = $5.45 each, 51-100 = $5.15 each, 101 & up = $4.85 each


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This book quickly launches every participating believer deeper into the rudiments of discipleship.  “Your Purpose In Life” focuses on how to glorify God in the midst of everyday life.  It discusses the power of purpose and how to grow in Christ's image.  It emphasizes the role of the local church and how it must corporately seek to glorify Christ.  It's packed full of practical helps for living an effective Christian life in today's secular world.

28 pages, 20 lessons, $5.75 each
Quantity Discounts: 21-50 = $5.45 each, 51-100 = $5.15 each, 101 & up = $4.85 each


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This is our final “Basic Training” study in discipleship. It quickly introduces people to an overview of what we believe is fundamental to everything else in a Christian's life - the values and attitudes of God's Kingdom (what some call a Christian world view). This course shows how these are embedded in the wide sweeping philosophical concepts described in the Beatitudes. This course demonstrates how the Holy Spirit is at work in the believer to produce a renewed world view that embraces Povery of Spirit, Mourning, Meekness, Hunger For Righteousness, Mercy, Purity of Heart, Peacemaking, Persecution and becoming Salt and Light.

32 pages, 20 lessons, $5.75 each
Quantity Discounts: 21-50 = $5.45 each, 51-100 = $5.15 each, 101 & up = $4.85 each


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A complete leader's guide for each of the courses in the New Christian Nurture and Basic Discipleship Discovery Series.  Included are small group meeting outlines, weekly planners and model answers to all of the inductive Bible studies.  It also gives guidance on how to keep group members sensitive to the thinking of unchurched people, especially during the initial “Adventure In Life's Meaning” outreach phase.

$10.95 each

DIPLOMAS - Generic

This is great for recognizing someone each time they complete a  course.

49¢ each


DIPLOMAS - Graduation

A tremendous motivator!  Offer this to each person who completes all of the courses in the Basic Discipleship Series.  Printed in quality gold and black.

65¢ each


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If you wish to speak with someone, please leave a phone number where you can be reached and the times you are available.
Our representative will contact you by telephone within 24 hours, Monday Friday Est.

Contact us by email:order@layleadershipinternational.com


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